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Radius Moulding

Radius MouldingRadius moulding is a great way to enhance the look of your home through custom woodwork. Transforming standard windows, doors and entrances, this high end finish is the perfect addition to any elegant home.


A custom option


Made of extremely durable crack and shrink resistant material, radius moulding can be made in a variety of shapes to fit your needs. This can include half rounds, full rounds, quarter rounds, eyebrows, elliptical and ovals. Similar to crown moulding, radius moulding can be made in wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Whether used on a stairway, circular window, archway or curved wall, radius moulding is a beautiful and very unique addition to any home.


Free form shapes


Another option for radius moulding is to create a free form shapes. Most often these would be used as a baseboard or trim. In the case of a free form shape, flexible moulding is sometimes used instead. Flexible moulding trim is made from a durable material designed to fit curvatures. Also available are radius base moulding corners. Specially designed to fit radius bullnose drywall, these pieces attach to the wall and allow the moulding to follow the curvatures precisely. Of course these can be made to match the color, detail and finish of the rest of the trim.


Radius moulding is just one of the many custom design options available from Creative Millwork. Visit our showroom to see more products and get ideas for your own home!

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