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Woodworking as a Hobby

Whether as a hobby or a profession, woodworking is a skill that takes time and dedication to master. But with fine attention to detail, it is possible to create beautiful and quality pieces to be proud of.


As with other hobbies, there are guides, books and magazines teaching the subject of woodworking. However, a book can only teach the technique and tools involved, it can’t teach the feel for the materials or the coordination required. Those are skills best taught by someone who is already a skilled craftsman.


Learn from a Pro


As in the past, apprenticeships are often the best way to learn the skill of woodworking. An apprentice repeatedly performs the same task until the teacher feels that the student has gained adequate knowledge of the task and the feel for how the tools interact with the wood. Guided by the instructor, the student will learn which tools are best for each type of project, as well as how that tool should feel while using it. The repetitive actions make the student more familiar with the process and allows for them to then notice if something isn’t correct. Also, the repetitive motions teach the student how to make a project correctly the first time, leading to a consistent result with every project.


Machines and Hand Tools


Woodworking uses a combination of hand tools and machinery. The machines are often more expensive, but cut down on labor. Hand tools often cost less, but require more labor. When used correctly and on the right project, both can create beautiful results. For someone just starting out with woodworking, it might be beneficial to enroll in a woodworking club, school, class or workshop. By joining one of these, students can usually use their machines, as well as learn the correct use for each tool and proper safety measures. Learning which tool is right for each project is very important. Learning woodworking can be frustrating, so having the right equipment can eliminate a lot of problems from the start.


Perfecting the skill of woodworking will take time, patience and dedication, but it is a very rewarding and gratifying hobby (or profession!) The staff at Creative Millwork is dedicated to creating custom products that show the beauty of woodworking. For more information, visit our site at

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